Mr. M R Sreenivasa Murthy IAS (Rtd.)

Learning is a continuous process and has no end, especially in the field of Life Sciences where technical advancements are very fast. For doctors, there is a constant need to keep pace with the latest developments and upgrade their skills. The Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center being setup in the same campus where colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacology and Physiotherapy are situated is , therefore, the right place to upgrade one's skills and enhance one's knowledge. RALC is the first of its kind in this part of the country and comprises of a Cadaver Lab, Tissue Bank and Clinical Research Center. Apart from helping the students (both PG & UG), the Advanced Learning Center will help Medical and Surgical Professionals to hone up their professional skills. The Cadaver Lab in the Advanced Learning Center is on par, if not better than such labs anywhere in the world, having most modern State-of-the-art equipments. As a Center for learning, RALC has very few parallels.

It is hoped that apart from the vast student community not only in our campus, but elsewhere in the State Life Science professionals will make use of the excellent facilities offered by the Advanced Learning Center and enhance their realms of knowledge.