Message from Dr Sanjay Desai, Director – Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center

Dr Sanjay Desai
Dr Sanjay Desai (Director)

Greetings from Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre !

All of us have learnt many new dimensions in the last year, Covid has taught us all well. Learning never stops and we at Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre hereby inform all our clients and partners in Surgical and Medical Skills Training that we are open and operational following the lockdown in Bangalore being lifted by the Government and permission being given to all training activities.

As a matter of fact , we have already completed few workshops in July 2021 and have scheduled workshops in August.

All necessary precautions against the COVID 19 infection–where ever mandated by Government, have been taken. All our staff have received both the doses of the vaccine arranged by the Ramaiah Medical College & hospital. The cadaver undergoes RT-PCR testing in addition to the previous routine testing of HIV, HbsAg and HCV and accepted only after the results come in as negative.

With the ease and now familiar Online learning we are also ready to host training via demonstration of procedures by faculty and enable telecast of the entire session to outside venues, both as complete Online or Hybrid sessions. This is also a good time for people to utilize Single station labs involving “one to one training” specially in Orthopedic procedures (Arthroscopy, trauma, tendon repair, arthroplasty, PAF fixation, Spine instrumentation) throughout the week.

Let us make use of the time and resources which is now made available to learn, teach and benefit ourselves to be better positioned in the times to come.

Wishing you all safe times and encourage you to reach out to us for any assistance.

Best Wishes and Happy Learning.

Dr Sanjay Desai


Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre .

About the Cadaver Lab:

​This ​is a laboratory that uses human cadavers for hands-on training, education, and development of new surgical techniques. Cadaveric laboratories provide a real life like experience where medical professionals and students, alike, can advance their understanding of human anatomy and physiology in addition to enhancing their practical skills, by exploring and working on human specimens.

State of the Art training facility :​

The Ramaiah Advanced Learning centre (RALC) ​ has almost 50,000​sq. ft facility which can accommodate 16 stations with​advanced operating rooms and latest surgical equipment and technology to simulate real working conditions. Our advanced audio & visual facility enables our attendees to teleconference these events and collaborate with subject matter experts across the globe. This provides an optimal education environment for our participants and a fully immersed clinical experience. The Medical Skill labs as big as the surgical labs,​provide hands on experience with variety of mannequins and simulators for laparoscopy, Endoscopic & Arthroscopy procedures. It has simulators for Gastroenterology & Orthopaedics helping the clinicians to develop & improve their skill. The Dry Bone Lab also provides opportunities to work on Saw bone models for various fracture fixations.

Enhancing Education:

Theoretical knowledge can take you only so far when it comes to learning new surgical techniques or how to use certain medical devices. RALC is dedicated to providing students with the real hands-on experience they need to apply what they're learning in our courses. The end result is transforming doubts into certainties and applying this newly acquired knowledge in daily professional settings.

Experienced Staff

Along with our state of the art facility the center has dedicated and experienced man-power available for each event to ensure a flawless experience. These dedicated professionals have years of experience in the management of cadaver tissue, medical equipment, sterilisation and customer service.

Live Well, Leave Well- A Donor Program:

All the cadavers are gifts — donations from people who chose to give their bodies to medical education. A unique program of ’Live Well, Leave Well' started a few years back have seen many people coming forward to donate their bodies. They have ensured with their sacrifice that learning continues. As a respect to all these donors, before the start of any program, a silent prayer is held to honour the people who donated their bodies for learning.

There is no end for learning and we want your experience at our centre to be unique and educative. We will strive to ensure all your requirements are taken care of. We are one of the best in India but we want to be known among the world's best. That is our dream and our journey continues in the quest of a making it an ultimate & amazing learning experience for everyone who passes through our center. We seek your honest & constructive feedback to help us improve and grow …..