Message from Dr. D. C. Sundaresh - Advisor – Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center

DR. D.C. SUNDARESH (Advisor)

It is said that the doctor never stops learning throughout his/her career. The on-going learning process is something to be nurtured. The Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center took birth with just such an objective. The centre provides for a full range of motor skills development especially in the areas of Emergency Medical care, Critical care medicine & surgical skills training for all specialties.

The Surgical Anatomy lab :

Cadaver anatomy is an essential part of medical education. The intricate design of the human body cannot be fully appreciated without a detailed examination of the tissues and organs and their myriad connections. For the next generation of medical students, earning the privilege to study a human body is an important stepping stone in their transition from student to a physician. A course in cadaver anatomy is often remembered by doctors as the most difficult in their education. The cadaver lab is a place of respect and humility. Here, medical students come face to face not merely with death, but with the profound mysteries that still reside within the human body.

Even after medical school, physicians must turn to a cadaver for the final proofs of a surgical technique. Although phenomenal advances in computer imaging and modeling technology allow surgical research facilities to explore new approaches, ethics demand the use of surgical anatomy specimen to validate procedures before they can be attempted on living patients. The continuing education cadaver lab also lets surgeons develop highly refined techniques without risk to the patient.

The Cadaver surgical anatomy training lab is one of its kinds in the country. It will not only be a tool for training the in-house doctors but will serve the surgical training needs of the whole country. The beneficiaries of this sort of training could be from all the Surgical specialties.

A Medical cadaver is the body of a person who has donated their remains to Science at death. This gift is crucial to the continued development of Medical science.I gratefully acknowledge these noble souls.

The Emergency & Critical care Labs:

The learning of life saving procedures can now be a highly accurate science whereby the student learns from a set of simulated manikins which simulate, for eg. the various types of heart sounds in health & disease, the look & feel of various superficial organs, birthing & neonatal care & the administration of intravenous & intramuscular injections. A state of the art manikin the "SimMan 3G" is a boon to the profession where various emergency & critical care scenarios can be simulated & the response to the treatment can also be seen. How wonderful to see that the blood pressure is returning back to normal when given the right medication – simulation at its best.

This kind of training is imparted not only to the Medical & paramedical professionals but also to the lay person who learns to handle Medical emergencies before professional help arrives.