About Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center

Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center established during early part of 2012 has under its banner multiple units , all set with the purpose of stimulating minds and encouraging Research and Training.

The units include, a State of art, one of its kind Surgical Skills Lab, which is a part of the Center’s efforts towards supporting the education and training of students as well as Qualified Professionals. This Cadaveric Research and Training unit has been developed with the intention to provide opportunity to learn in a “Operation theatre” like atmosphere and a ‘near life’ like specimen to work on.

This center is open to Individual Surgeons , the Industry for their implant validation programmes and their Training workshops as well as other Institutions and Health centers to conduct training programmes for their students and staff .

To facilitate the Skill lab, the center also boasts of a technically well equipped Multi media center which can accommodate around 100 people .This room is audio visually connected to not only the Surgical skill lab but also to their Operation theatres , enabling them to beam surgeries on to its screens.The multi media center also has videoconferencing facilities.

Additional board rooms and conference halls allow multiple courses to be conducted parallel without any hinderance.

The Simulation lab with its Lapmentor and Bronchomentor helps in training young surgeons in laparoscopic/endoscopic procedures before they actually operate on a live patient.

The Medical Skills lab has a large number of manikins as well as Simulated units for training Undergraduates, post graduates, Nursing students .It is also the venue for conducting the Trauma Life support courses as well as the Advanced Cardiac life support courses, which the Institution has been conducting for many years.

In addition, The Tissue Bank, and the Ramaiah Clinical Research Centre are the other units which have already created their own identity as independent commercial units delivering good quality service to their clients.